One Yukkuri Place

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  • -___- I gave up making a high res version because it took too much work. No background yet and I will see if I can improve on this piece. It's too bad I did not save an earlier version so if I have to go back to this I will need to do alot of editing out details.

    I really hate how my lines come out jagged sometimes. The eyes look a bit wonky though and I really should have used crystal looking eyes instead of the generic anime eyes. Eye lashes that took me a long time to make disappear because the hair covered them and using see through hair is a bit tricky to do when you work with such a low resolution.

    I am not sure what the golden ratio for a bodied yukkuri face is as I suspect Satono here comes out like a girl with no nose instead of a yukkuri. It's a good thing I put in a shine to the skin so it looks a little bit more yukkuri like.

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    I am actually 3/5 done with my Kancolle yukkuri 5koma but I do not know how to proceed after drawing the 3rd page >_> so I made a bodied satono instead.


    I still think Satono and Mai are lame

    I suspect Satono here comes out like a girl with no nose instead of a yukkuri

    She does


    EasyV said:

    I still think Satono and Mai are lame

    Well they do not have much of a cool backstory or powers other than the ones Okina gave them. You can't really do much with them other than the limited waifu, yuri-shipping or dancing purposes

    Mai at least has that bamboo staff for artists to draw her in cool action poses while Satono is stuck with her ginger plant >_> which is why I like Satono's averageness. And the purple dress and eyes are two additional reasons as well.