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    Canttakeiteasy said:

    -__- Seriously, why the heck did he stomp on the ko-dosu?

    to make the dosu cry


    there is no reason to not stomp a yu ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


    Now now, if you look very closely at the bottom left panel, you will see there are sticks protruding out of Dosu
    That combined with the 'field work' anon mentioned in the first panel, one can infer that Anon was there to 'clean up' the herd, and only approached and gained Dosu's trust to make the job easier

    wasa killer

    Ohh shitt! Why not just stomp reimus alone?


    With the way the Dosu reacts to him simply giving them food, this is another occasion that makes me wonder,
    "Why not just try diplomacy?"
    If it was a bad Dosu, you know it would have been, "SHITTY HUMAN SLAVE GIVES TRIBUTE TO DOSU! GOOD! NOW BRING SWEET-SWEETS!"


    Canttakeiteasy said:

    So it is a space time manipulator anon story then. It makes you wonder why he bothers with such a demeaning job as exterminating helpless magical foodstuffs when he can do pretty much anything with such powers...

    or anon could've just pinned dosu down before stomping the ko's. much more easily done than stomping the ko's first before stopping time to immobilize the dosu.

    yukkuri addict

    Canttakeiteasy said:

    even more nitpicky stuff

    hey ever heard of something called suspension of disbelief
    for all you know there could be ten more sticks off screen. just because you are left to infer what the man has done does not mean you should pin him as a Mary Sue and declare the whole story an exercise in stupidity

    yukkuri addict

    Canttakeiteasy said:

    Hey ever heard of something like a reasonable suspension of disbelief? Noraaki neglected a simple "later" which would have okayed everything. This is the typical problem with comics having have to be drawn and written, and with a single person doing all that stuff the story is portrayed differently.

    Now, Look at the sticks. The sticks are the typical proportions of noraaki's regular sized marisa being pinned to the ground pierced to the top and all the way through the bottom (unless you are saying anon here decided to give dosu-marisa acupuncture if the sticks were regular sized >_>). Look at the ko -dosu. Ko-dosu is the size of an adult yu and the 1st panel shows her to be at the very least 5x their height then she shrinks to about the size of an adult yu when crushed (in which case did her paste vanish to the ether? LOL).

    Now kindly explain, why would my theory that Anon has spatio-temporal powers not hold water? Because with the way the sequence of events (and the lack of indication of a reasonable time lapse) and the proportions of the dosus are involved, if we are to accomodate your theory that noraaki did not fuck this up, my theory would actually be the ONLY one plausible >_> unless you have any other theory other than Noraaki messing up or unexplained spatio-temporal power nonsense that you want to share to me in order for me to change my opinion (because you seem to care how I view this particular piece)?

    P/S. It would not surprise me if Noraaki admits he/she made a mistake here or there. Hell, even the pros do.

    this is not a full fledged story with 15 pages; it is a viginette showing the interactions of this human and a dosuyukkuri. it has a jump cut in the middle to the important part which skips depicting his actions. i believe this is acceptable as the point of the story is to show the dosu yukkuri's reactions to what the anonymous does, and is not his actions. the sizes in the first and 2nd last panel are slightly off. so?? it's definitely more likely to be a mistake or what's easier to depict than your "explanation", that he has some sort of powers.
    if you don't take into account the canon that foot piercing renders the yukkuri immobile, the part where it's immobilised definitely is quite unrealistic. but this is just a snapshot of what happens, possibly it's one of those "all talk, no action" dosus, or it is too shocked to retaliate, at least immediately.

    i definitely do care how you view this piece: in this case, i believe that the reasoning that leads to your position is faulty, and also you said it online so i think it's open to criticism. there's a huge problem with your "it wasn't depicted, so it didn't exist until just now" mentality. just try applying it to other contexts: in super mario bros, bowser's bridge disappears without any apparent action from mario after he touches the axe. do we then conclude that mario has super powers, and the whole adventure was moot as he could telephatically make the bridge disappear from his house?

    yukkuri addict

    Canttakeiteasy said:
    lots of stuff that very likely contains ad homimem fallacy by insulting me despite it being not related

    ok i read it again and i will just present this today

    this is how i think your arguement goes
    1. the unrealisticness presented here is consistient with my intrepretation, that the guy has super powers.
    2. the situations presented here are inconsistient with my intrepretation, that the guy has super powers.
    3. therefore the story is internally inconsistient and stupid

    i think that's pretty wrong