One Yukkuri Place

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  • Anon thought it was a good idea to entice a stray Suika to fight his gold badge exterminator Flandre so that he can put it up on his UnLugarLento account. As he has done that numerous times he was confident that his pet's pedigree would ensure the usual quick evisceration of the enemy yukkuri. In fact the skillful Flandre has quite the following because it was considered both cute and vicious.

    This time around however, because the Anon thought to up the ante by offering CuteKat saki flavored candy to entice the normally lazy and drunk Suika out of its hiding place, Flandre got beaten to death by the Alcoholic induced crazed attacks of the density shifting Suika.

    As Flandre dies while Anon dropped his camera to go over to his dying Flandre. Suika lifts the alcoholic candy triumphantly and in its crazed stupor hears the ghost voices of all its yukkuri friends that have passed away: Suika! Suika! Suika!

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    Canttakeiteasy said:

    Guess what is being parodied?

    Some sort of boxing story, I think...


    Canttakeiteasy said:

    Guess what is being parodied?

    Easy Club?


    Kyoko said:

    Some sort of boxing story, I think...

    Close but no cigar.


    "If only I had checked myself."
    - Flandre who wrecked herself