One Yukkuri Place

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  • きっかけは些細なことだった

    その日からだった カラスの報復が始まったのは

    The cause [of this scene] was just a trivial thing.

    About a week prior, like always Marisa left home to go hunting.
    In the event, she found a crow that had been poking at a worm. To stray yukkuris, worms are truly a feast. Thinking about her pregnant mate Reimu at home, a surge of bravery swept through Marisa's paste. So she let out a loud scream as she waved her braid around and chased the crow away. That was merely stealing the prey of a crow, but Marisa brought the worm back with joy and eagerness.

    And it was on that day that the crows' revenge began.

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    mad hatter

    Has a koyukkuri been mistaken for a paste core? Maybe I'm missing it?


    mad_hatter said:

    Has a koyukkuri been mistaken for a paste core? Maybe I'm missing it?

    You're actually right. It even has a face on it and braids.

    mad hatter

    Cool; removed "paste core" and added "koyukkuri" and "pregnant".


    Yeah, crows remember their enemies. Researchers tried it with masks so perhaps those birds could pinpoint recognize accessories.

    wasa killer

    The shitty reimu will suffer the exposure of paste in the air, witnessing little ones trampled by crows but cannot even end itself its own. Good shot!