One Yukkuri Place

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  • A bodied byakuren-reisen hybrid leads a buddist cult and is out to stake a claim.

    That's not a mispelling. She really leads a cult that deals with marijuana and sells them off to yukkuris and humans alike.

    She'll be part of the growing cast of my yukkuri crime drama. A story of easy lives and easier deaths. A story of intrigue and soap opera drama with a dash of idiotic flourishes here and there to keep it spicy.

    I actually have the outline for the yus she's interacting in the scene but I do not have much time at the moment so for now a very rough outline of how byakureisen would look like.

    Her negligee is basically a discarded mosquito net >_>

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    mad hatter

    Oh, this could be interesting. This Byakureisen looks like she's a whorehouse madam, as well as a dealer of shady herbs.