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  • Her khakkhara is made of discarded sticks and assorted plastic. Her khakkhara's chimes/rings are made of can rings. Her capelet is a large red plastic bag.

    She goes around and help yukkuri in need as best as she is able. Because of her helpful nature she does get taken advantage of at first but as she understands the psychology of shitheads she is quick to decry the excesses of the opportunistic yu. Sometimes violence breaks out because the yukkuri she is insulting attacks her for not allowing them to take it easy (which is to take advantage of Narumi) but she is able to defeat them (so far) without killing them.

    Her reputation has grown so much that she became a minor legend for the city's yukkuris.

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    Seems pretty strange if we consider the jizo's personality, but I guess we can't really use that as an argument


    EasyV said:

    Seems pretty strange if we consider the jizo's personality, but I guess we can't really use that as an argument

    What about Narumi's (the touhou) personality?


    Canttakeiteasy said:

    What about Narumi's (the touhou) personality?

    If she were to go out there helping out people she'd be Eiki Shiki (who was a jizo too)
    Instead she didn't and is a hikikomori (sort of)

    From TH16's omake:

    She was troubled by the Forest's unseasonable snowfall, but she was a stay-at-home kind of person to begin with, so she didn't bother to leave the forest and investigate.


    EasyV said:
    At least I'd keep out the proselytizing

    However, as I said, we can't really use this stuff as argument, since pretty much no yukkuri has any tie left with the original 2hu (maybe Youmu and some legendary-rare types)

    Also Narumi is the character from TH16 I like the least after Sataono and Mai

    Why does it matter if Narumi is THE Jizo or not? She's based on an elemental buddha and that is enough. While buddhas are said to be reluctant to actively convert people, they by their very nature passively convert people by being exemplars (seriously I do not pretend to understand buddhism in its entirety but there are too many contradictions in it that I chalk it as having the same problem with any religion, they are for human beings). This is their proselytization.

    -_- I do not really like Narumi that much because of her freaky ears.