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  • I was inspired to do liefeld-esque art >_< because deadpool 2 is right around the corner.

    I remembered when liefeld was the bees knees in the 90's. Hell, I used to do super soldiers with 12 pack abdominals in my notebooks back then.

    Sometime in the 2000s people outgrew the musclebound edgelord designs of the 90s and Rob was an object of mockery (with good reason). His anatomy was horrible and the way he approached art was as bad as I do now (because I was heavily influenced by him, LOL). The difference really was that he got the mega-bucks because he was at the right time and place while those who probably had better talent did not.

    Anyways, originally, the plan was to make a non-bodied marisa but since I wanted to do liefeldesque art, I went with the bodied yu approach.

    I am not sure, though, if Marisa's head is too big or normal.

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