One Yukkuri Place

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  • "Put your hands behind your head where I can see them"

    "Okay, okay", the yukkuri responded. Lacing her fingers behind her head as she appeared to comply with the order.

    "Now get on the ground", the officer barked.

    The yukkuri slowly kneeled to the ground and sensously started to lie belly first all the while milking every action to convey pure sexuality. She even threw the officer a come-hither smile and bat her eyelashes at the officer.

    Yukkuri Seiga, is a bodied yukkuri, as one of the many bodied yukkuri that were to lazy to transition to become productive members of society, she continued her old habits as non-bodied yukkuri which was to steal whatever she want. She got caught eventually and was sent to prison.

    While Seiga likes the fact she has a roof over her head, human servants to tend to her and good food to eat, she still yearns to be able to go where she wished.

    These escape attempts are actually part of her masterplan. Not to get away but to manipulate the situation. Because she knew that without her hair stick escaping would require more effort. She devised this plan ever since she learned of what happened to the bodied Kasen at cell block C. This Kasen actually seduced a human guard to give her special privileges such as actually going out of prison on a date and extra food and so on. It remained unnoticed for quite sometime until one day Kasen gave birth.

    Seiga thinks she can pull something like that off but instead she'll make sure no one notices any evidence of her planned hanky panky with the errant guard foolish enough to fall for her ploy.

    So far all of her attempts to seduce a guard has failed. This fourth attempt ended up as a failure as well. However, Seiga is not discouraged and she'll try again.

    Because of the scandal between prisoner Kasen and the male guard, the prison took countermeasures to prevent similar future incidents. There are no more male guards in this female prison as the prison staff was exchanged to be all heterosexual females, Seiga's plan to seduce a guard will likely fail again.

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    Weren't prison clothes supposed to be baggy?
    Also can we see more of that Alice?


    EasyV said:

    Weren't prison clothes supposed to be baggy?
    Also can we see more of that Alice?

    Different prison, different prison clothes. Seiga is in a prison that gives out prison undershirts as well. She is not wearing the long sleeved shirt on top of the said undershirt.

    As for that Alice, you probably will. I have a short story of her little adventure after she gets out of prison.

    Late edit: And seiga is stacked >_>

    Updated by Canttakeiteasy

    mad hatter

    Canttakeiteasy said:
    And seiga is stacked >_>

    You don't say...


    Well, without any male officers, this plan is going to keep failing for a while.