One Yukkuri Place

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  • Basically this is supposed to be a bodied Rika(pc 98 character) yukkuri who went insane because of her uneasy life. Her clothes are a discarded jacket and a long tattered shirt (she has no undies as she never ever felt the need for one because she is a yukkuri, duh). The weird red hat is her accessory.

    She is supposed to be eating garbage >_>

    I will add in the details and the comment story in a later upload as I have things to do.

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    I gotta wonder if a de-bodying would be the same as a lobotomy? Would that work for the bodied yukkuri that can't quite adjust?


    It's a pity that there are only two (tagged) pics of Rika.
    She's the best from Story of Eastern Wonderland.