One Yukkuri Place

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  • In an alleyway at the forgotten part of the old city's downtown district, a small community of homeless persons meander about rummaging the trash of their slightly less pathetic members of their forgotten community or engaging in illicit activities to escape the depressing reality they are in. There is Old Ben who sat alone lost in thoughts of times gone by when he was a war veteran as he dragged a puff from his makeshift cigar laced with formaldehyde for an extra kick. Maggie Madoka who just rummaged a plastic bag from the dumpster with some solvent in it and is about to take a hit to get high. Jerkass Jericho who was combing through the garbage to get something to eat. Mad Maximillian, a homeless youth of 25 years of age, took a hit of his cocaine that he inadvertently scored after he snatched a woman's purse. Among the homeless folk, there stood another slightly more pathetic creature than them. At a glance, the filthy figure looked like a young girl whose body is caked with.filth and debris but upon closer examination, you would find out that the girl is not a girl at all. It is a yukkuri. A bodied yukkuri Rika to specific. An ultra rare yukkuri whose filthy body, clothing taken from thrown garbage and tattered accessory made it look like any homeless person. It is only when she opens her mouth that her odd manner of speaking immediately gave away what she really is. Most of the homeless do not really mind her that much as they were concerned more about whether they have something to eat, drink or drug themselves with. Most of the homeless do not mind. Most of them. One of them is really bothered with Rika's presence and is eager to do something about it.

    Rika is one of many survivors of a yukkuri extermination in this area in the past. You see, the city mayor's office initially thought to reclaim this rundown part of the city and had already evicted a sizeable portion of the homeless squatting at the abandoned buildings and alleyway in this part of the city. The surveyors, upon arriving, were surprised at the infestation of yukkuri living in this area and brought this information to the mayor. The mayor, who stood to benefit from a side deal from the development of this part of the city, paid off exterminators to get rid of the yukkuri problem. More than 85% of the yukkuri population were eradicated by the exterminators by the time they stopped. They stopped only because the city could not pay the contract price for the extermination. Apparently the mayor was suspended during investigation for allegations of corruption before he signed off the disbursment check to have the city foot the extermination bill. The extermination company complained about not being paid to the media which further revealed the mayor's other violations. The mayor's political career was doomed and he knew he will go to jail for a very long time so the most he did was slinked out of the country to elude his arrest. The extermination company remained unpaid even after they filed a case in court as the judge said the contract was invalid and the city could not be made to pay such as it should be the mayor who has to pay for it out of his own pocket.

    Rika was born as a changeling to a family of Reimu and Marisa who initially thought she was a reimu who had a funny hat. While she was uneasy to look at, the Reimu mother thought she was a Reimu and was as special as she is. When Reimu greeted Rika and said "Take it easy! Reimu is Mama!" while father Marisa went "Take it easy, Marisa is papa" Rika answered with her slurred greeting "Take it eajy, Rika ish Rika". The parent's bean paste brains took them several seconds to process what was said before Marisa realized that the baby could not have been his (as he was not aware of changeling babies). Marisa accused Reimu of being unfaithful and Reimu was defensive at first protesting her innocence and that she never had any penipeni other than Marisa's before in a flash of brilliance started claiming that Rika was an uneasy yukkuri that was exchanged for her easy baby by an uneasy yukkuri (deliberately ignoring the fact that Rika just came out of her mamu mamu a few minutes ago). Marisa was unsatisfied with the explanation and thwacked Reimu several times before she went to their food stores ate what she could and grabbed what she can carry on her hat and left Reimu forever to care for Rika. Reimu was so shaken by the attack and the realization that she has to look for her food from now made her eye Rika and blame Rika for her misfortune. Rika was so distraught by the verbal abuse of her mother and the violent scene that took place in front of her eyes and started crying. Reimu was irritated at first and gave Rika a tackle which was weaker than she intended because she was still somewhat weak from just giving birth.

    While the attack was not particularly damaging, it still made Rika cry so much and wailed about what she did wrong to deserve this? Reimu was about to give Rika another attack when she suddenly stopped as she remembered that this uneasy yukkuri that she is attacking came out from her own body. This uneasy baby was her child! Reimu's tears flowed as she realized what she has done. She went to Rika and hugged her and begged her forgiveness. Rika cried for a a good long time while Reimu tried to calm her down and licked licked the small injury to Rika's young body and promised Rika that she'll give Rika sweet sweets if she forgives Reimu for what she has done. Rika's crying eventually made her very tired and hungry and she just collapsed as anti-yukkuritis set in. Reimu panicking, looked at the food stores and see what can energize her baby. Luckily she found a piece of dirty orange candy which she promptly chewed and spat at the mouth of the dying Rika.

    Because Rika was still a ko, the orange juice candy, as little and as dirty as it was, was enough to revive her somewhat. Mother Reimu was relieved and hugged Rika, finally convinced that Rika was her baby. She promised that she'll raise Rika as a splendid yukkuri with or without the shitty Marisa and they will both take it easy forever. Rika smiled weakly at her mother and drifted off to sleep.

    When Rika woke up, she saw her mother Reimu cradling her in her braids as she picked from the food Marisa left Rika's second meal. Reimu noticed Rika waking up and gave her sweetest smile. Rika smiled back, having forgotten about her traumatic experience just after birth as she had voided her bowels of the bad memories. Reimu did not know of this of course so she continued to say sorry to Rika as she started chewing on the rotting banana peel to make it mushy enough for Rika to eat. The banana peel tasted so good to Rika as she ate the food her mother so lovingly chewed for her.


    I will write the continuation a little later because this story is depressing me <_<

    >_> I got lazy drawing the brick wall and the windows in the alleyway so I went the stylistic swishing colors all over the place instead like any pretentious but lazy artist <_<

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    I will finish writing this in a few days >_> I cannot find the motivation to continue writing the story because it is so bleak and depressing.