One Yukkuri Place

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    Will a hero come and finish translating this pool?


    U~ x3

    Ooh, going home, going home

    Kimeemaru:"If you're done playing, let's go back"

    After that, I took their accessory again after leaving them be for awhile.

    This time it's training to preserve their mind for long time while outside.

    Reimu:"Gib back, gib ba~ck, Reimu's accessory~!!?"

    Mister:"Zip it"

    After that,I kept them away from their parents' shed.

    Mister:"I'll punish you if you depends on your parent"

    But this time I'll let only one begin this lifestyle.
    (Maybe someone can do this one better, I was thinking if maybe "This time they'll have to support their lifestyle on their own" might fit better.)

    Reimu:"Why~ Why did this happen to Reimu~..."

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