One Yukkuri Place

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    They started to put their hand on the special laxative laden spicy aromatic food.

    Reimu: " Why... why... just why..."

    ???: "Pupupupu"

    Reimu: "Papa... mama...?"

    Komarisa: "What's that, it scattered poopoo all over despite being an adult noje, so dirty."

    Koreimu: "Even papa and mama are grossed out, do you want to stay a baby that long~????"

    Reimama: "Li, little one, don't become like that yukkuri that can't take it easy okay."

    Koreimu: "No way I will be like that"

    Paparisa: "No, now... let us family all go back to home noze."

    Komarisa: "Small fry daje,that one"

    A test to see the independent spirit's growth until now.

    Mister: "Do you want to take it easy in that kind of place?"

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