One Yukkuri Place

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    Mister: "Do you want me to put on accessory and take it easy after victimized?"

    Usually it ends here after they taste failure and get spoiled a bit, but...

    Mister: "Or do you want to put on a badge and show it to them?"

    Lately, those that have more will power have been increasing.

    Reimu: "Reimu wants! Reimu wants to be able to "be easy" more. Want to triumph!?

    Marisa: "Thank you for everything until now, mister. Will go away easy"

    Alice: "Will become city sect yukkuri yu"

    Those that gave up will fail the silver test and should be put on shop sale normally, but most of them will definitely go to the factory.

    Chen: "Training is it? Understood"

    Momiji: "Kill"

    From here on, I'll leave it to chen and the others' coaching.