One Yukkuri Place

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    This is the end of the second day, so the next batch will be the third day out of four.
    Takumi said it's planned for early September.


    Here's hoping it would be like anko3105


    I really like how expressive Takumi's artwork has been here. There is no need for dialog let alone translation.


    I want to comment on the cuteness seen up to this point, but it is futile knowing the end result of all this.


    Canttakeiteasy said:

    Here's hoping it would be like anko3105

    Seeing from your recent pattern, you do seem to have a pronounced dislike of predators. What's wrong with them feeding and living normally as they would?

    That being said, these yukkuris do seem awfully skilled for their usual average standard, and that nest-digging episode took things to an absurd level. Dealing with these absurd yukkuris would require more than just the usual chase-and-snare tactic for predators; maybe a sneak hit-and-run dive bombing attack with those spiked wing tips is necessary.

    Or let's up the absurdness to a new level and just absolutely annihilate this Marisa's family altogether. Introducing the Tankbusting Flan:

    From post #74961:

    Let's just arm this Flan with a AGM-114 missile pack and a GAU-8 30mm autocannon with a combination of HEI and API rounds on each wing and send it in to deal with this Marisa and Reimu couple.

    They may be super yukkuris that managed to dig a relatively huge den within a day or two, but they're not going to stand in the way of a tankbusting Flan. "Tankbusting Flan", does that sound ridiculous to you? Well, if there exist absurdly powerful super yukkuris, then there're bound to be absurly strong predators as well that can carry the load of an A-10 Warthog or two to deal with them.


    Canttakeiteasy said:

    -_- dont be absurd unless that flan is way huge or strong to left such armament

    Hey, if these Reimu and Marisa could dig a relatively huge nest in a day, why couldn't there be a Flan with super-strength in this setting?


    Flan is like Godzilla 2014, youngsters having sex in my lawn, murder the fuck out of them.


    TosylChloride said:

    Seeing from your recent pattern, you do seem to have a pronounced dislike of predators. What's wrong with them feeding and living normally as they would?

    wasa_killer said:

    He is a deibu I told you and never argue with a deibu. You cannot beat a deibu in a debate whether it is a super yu with human slaves. You cannot use logic weapon can you?

    How about we stop antagonizing one another? This is getting old quickly. Take it easy!


    Canttakeiteasy said:

    I do not dislike predators. I just want a well illustrated survival story of the less powerful yukkuri against a predator. That's all.

    Then how about your first comment on post #75180? Clearly this is just a story about a retarded koMarisa thinking it has some kinda royal qualities and responsibilities, not a survival story. And you still wish for the annihilation of the predator in such a setting?