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    Cute Aggression

    How fast can yukkuri walk and run? I'm sorry to ask this, because comics exaggerate stuffs.

    Updated by Cute Aggression

    Cute Aggression

    Canttakeiteasy said:

    That's a problem because there is no canon to how fast they are. You have some stories where yukkuri crawl slower than snails then you have some stories that some species move faster than humans (chen, aya, some depictions of koyukkuri etc).

    If you have to make sense of them, think that they move as fast as a slightly deflated basketball if bouncing. Their crawling speed would be difficult but moving as fast as a slug would be a good guess (with their piss lubricating their way >_>)

    If yukkuri crawled as slow as snail, home invasion wouldn't be a pain in the ass (how would they? Real life glass doors are hundred times tougher than their teeth, and the force needed to push or throw rocks by either their mouth or braids would be tremendous). Farm raid could be dealed with like we deal with snails and rabbits.

    If they moved faster than human, we could just deal with them like we deal with foxes, racoons and such. Even if they could fly wouldn't matter much.

    If they used pee to lubricate Mister Footsie, I imagine wingless yukkuri would be extinct by now because of dehydration >:D


    Canttakeiteasy said:

    Well yukkuri biology is mostly nonsense made by nerds very loosely based on actual creatures -_- any disbelief is countered by they are fictional creatures and are unviable monster fauna.

    Anyways, the glass shattering bit has always been a pet peeve of mine because the very same story have the home invader very weak when confronted by humans afterwards. The likely way of getting into human's houses via windows by the weaker yus is either by jumping and tackling the window or by throwing a hard object at it or toppling a nearby object to hit the window. Stronger and rarer yus would have abilities that allow them to break windows easily like suikas, seigas and so on.

    Suikas and a few other types are mostly problematic to deal with because of their abilities but thankfully most of the powerful yus are unmotivated to do house invasions because of their own predisposition towards inaction because of laziness or drunkeness or sleepiness.

    There is no point in explaining defiance of physics and logic when it comes to yukkuri. Everyone has their own interpretation. It isn't something to hold a petty political debate over. I admit that defiance of physics and logic in realistic fiction according to Hollywood grinds my gears too, but, because yukkuri is fanmade fantasy, it isn't something to gripe about IMO.