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    Or Marisa is simply smaller than the average.
    Since these are acquatic Marisa bred specifically to be sold as pets, it's not strange that breeders controlled their size.


    Actually, I went and checked again the first pages, and the box actually say "little acquatic Marisa".
    I'm keeping the comment I wrote before rechecking as an argument to any "this yukkuri sure is small" type of comments.


    Nice! A yu stuffed yu rofl

    Pun Master

    Nitro said:

    Nice! A yu stuffed yu rofl

    It's a Marmarisa


    Cute_Aggression said:

    This yukkuri is so small, isn't it?

    or that Nitori is big?

    Pun Master

    ShindoSOS said:

    or that Nitori is big?

    We need a bigger hat