One Yukkuri Place

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    Here is everything in this story. @Hitosura, Thank you for your help with correcting. That's very helpful.


    So Anon is the Choosen One who will bring balance to the ease?

    Hopefully it doesn't end like the Force and Jedis...
    We only need to wipe out shitheads or keep them on a controlled level on which they can't bother anybody be good yu or humans in general, if their lives become a rightfully deserved living hell with no way for them to take over good yu's settlements then that's totally fine.

    Oh well regardless, we need that theme song now....

    *plays a New Hope's theme with a Kazoo*

    Regardless thanks a lot for updating this and with the proper translation as well.

    Updated by JusticeItEasy


    Did what I could for the last few pages. Regardless, thank you for the easy uploads and the easy translations! I know how hard it is translating Eastern languages into Western. The sentence structure makes Kei's head go yuppai!

    Anyway, maybe by bringing balance to ease, it'll help shitheads become niceheads.


    Hitosura said:
    Anyway, maybe by bringing balance to ease, it'll help shitheads become niceheads.

    Chaotic evil artificial entities don't just become good.

    It's like expecting a good Goblin in Goblin Slayer's World.

    Or the Omnicidal Robot to suddenly turn into a not killing machine by itself without someone reprograming it from scratch.

    And since the Asshole Wizard who created yukkuris sure as hell won't help us, humanity in the yu world lacks any way to reprogram yu's on the spot, they can breed out shitheadness after generations but that's far from "Í instantaneously purified you".

    The morale is, thanks Obama.

    Updated by JusticeItEasy


    Canttakeiteasy said:

    So moustache mohawk senses abusive potential from the mister using that scouter thingamajig and hopes to bring on a certain event from all this?

    LMFAO. I would kick myself in the nuts if this story will unfold somewhat similar to one of my own shitty stories I have been secretly building up on.

    Considering how extra notorious and recurrent Mohawk People are in Eisei works, I wouldn't be surprised if what Maestro is looking is the paralel of a Dosu for the Mohawk People.

    It also has the good extra that the Yu Scouter can be used by good yu's to avoid truly bad abyusers.

    Now if only it had a scum and shithead detection so even gullible good yu's would avoid them like the plague...


    Canttakeiteasy said:
    That would not explain why Reimu wants the event to happen. Think about it.... dundundundun!

    Mohawk People here don't seem to just abyuse good yu's in eisei work, only bad ones and even help good yu's and people if bad yu's come prowling.

    So clearly the coming of Cho Oni-saniki is here, and yeah imma calling Dosu Mohawk Person that, Chou Onisaniki! The Ultimate ONISAN Mohawk!