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    Yukkuri are now totally canon.


    *sweating intensely*
    T-take it easy...!


    Zun, I swear of god.


    Canttakeiteasy said:

    I wonder if zun gets a cut of the profits from all the derivative merch from his IP? Or does receiving the odd gifts here and there make him happy?

    No cuts, but people shower him with gifts and booze.


    Canttakeiteasy said:
    One reason why I hope for his continued success. The guy just is not greedy or resentful.

    True though I wished he actually bothered to get localization teams for his Touhou Games now that they are on steam, instead the official policy is literally to wait for the fan patch, even outright said so on the forums on steam.

    Maybe we should try to buy him out with some foreign high quality booze or something and see if that makes him stop being lazy about steam releases...


    i wonder if the yukkureimu is hard to carry? its still a very easy looking reimu even if it isnt