One Yukkuri Place

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    that little shit was raped or something? Look at the size of its hole lol


    Nitro said:

    that little shit was raped or something? Look at the size of its hole lol

    Well something like that

    Maricha is the idol of a stray family. One day a human came and challenge Maricha to a "game of happiness" which is to prove if Maricha is the most happiness yukkuri in the world. Maricha begin to brag about it's cardbroad house, straw bed and easy meal, but the human counter it by showing a video about pet yukkuri which include a huge house, fluffy bed and sweet-sweet. Maricha then brag about she is loved by it's parent, but the human ask the parent to trade Maricha for a bag of candy, which they agreed.

    Maricha is heart-broken by this, but the human said the game is still not over and if Maricha win , he will return it to the family along with more sweet-sweet. It's parent quickly encourage their child to agreed and Maricha proudly accept. The human pull out a tube lighter and stuck it into Maricha's anaryu then light it. Maricha squirming in pain, she tried to scream but the human quickly stuff it mouth with an orange candy, which heal it's burning wound. Seeing Maricha , the parents begin to worry but the human explain that she is just show happy she is thru dancing and she is winning the game. The parent begin to cheer in joy while Maricha inside is burning and her anaryu is slowy expanding.

    After a while the human declare Maricha is indeed the most happiness yukkuri in the world. He then return a fainting Maricha to it's parents and told them Maricha must be tired after working so hard, so he will give them extra sweet-sweet. The parent rejoy, praising Maricha while insluting the human for being too dumb to challenge their child.

    Maricha wake up at night seeing it's parent is currently munching sweet-sweet. Remember that they sell her to be abused for sweet-sweet, it try to yell at them for being shitty parent but was too weak to do it. Maricha's parent notice their child wake up, hurried to Maricha and begin to praising her for defeating the shitty human and bringing many sweet-sweet.

    Hearing that, Maricha quickly forget about the hurbish and become smug again, demanding a candy. But for some reason, Maricha cannot eat it. It's parent assume it still to tired and begin chewing the candy then feed it to Maricha. Still it cannot eat the sweet , as if the meal cannot enter it's body.

    Turn out most of her paste in the back has been harden thru constant burning and the orange candy healing it, completly block all food from enter Maricha body. On top of that, her anaryu is expanding so much that water is leaking out of it. Maricha became weaker as day pass by and her parent has no idea how to cure it. Then, the human, with his lighter, came back to check on the family....

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    Cute Aggression

    Wutnao said:

    Wonderful story

    Yukkuri biology works in mysterious ways! :D


    Canttakeiteasy said:
    *Angry Can't Take It Easy Noises*

    It's just the typical magic of combining something that hurts them with something that super heals them, reaching a point it usually deform or mutate them negatively and remain like that.

    Kinda how boiling orange juice can do that and similar shenanigans.

    About the only water coming out thing, it maybe related to how peeing may not necessarily be linked to some sort of bladder and instead is more about expelling excess humidity from the body, maybe that was the only thing left for it after having it's whole lower half cooked to the point of being some hardened burnt paste.
    But that's just my theory.

    Something that kinda bothers me is how the artist made the orange candy look more like a lump of some sort of paste...

    Also a bit of a fix

    Canttakeiteasy said:
    I mean, really? I know yukkuri stories are rarely praised for a coherent plot but this is ridiculous.

    No need to thank me, just doing my Job reminding people that magical food stuff golems are ridiculous by default and rarely coherent.

    I mean at this point Yukkuri logic is a constant "NO U" battle between opposing forces so whatever happens is depending of the side that has control.

    Updated by JusticeItEasy


    It doesnt need to make sense. Sometimes the lack of sense make the story even funnier.
    Yukkuri by itself is a total lack of sense. Argue about logic in a yukkuri story is like arguing about physics in super heroes movies.
    And the biology of these things works different on each author story. A lot of people already said that. For example, some stories, a yukkuri doesn't have core, while others it has. Some stories the yus can hop to move faster. In others they barely can be touched.
    I'm here just to watch those things getting fucked up and every author does it nice, in their own way. Logic is something i'm caring less and less on stories.

    And thanks Wutnao for explaining! Loved it!


    Well Canttakeiteasy's question make sense, so i re-read it and hope this will be a suitable answer

    The lighter the human use is ones with a long tube like this , and he only stuck the tip into Maricha's anaryu rather than the whole tube. Maricha burned paste is not harden like rock or anything but lumpy charcoal-like. Also it not like food cannot enter Maricha body but rather it cannot be digested,store inside or poop out, so Maricha just kinda vomit the whole meal.

    On another note, i have a hard time translated the title of this anko. I assuming chaawache is a extreme slurred form of shiawase which is Happiness. Can someone well-versed in easyspeak help me on this one

    Updated by Wutnao


    Yes the title is something like "Maricha is Hwappinesh" or "Maricha'sh Hwappinesh".


    Yeah considering the whole argument between Maricha and Anon was about happiness that's probably the meaning ony slurred because trolling the koyukkuri.