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    study it easier

    I've started translated simyukkuri 1.14. If there's interest, I can upload it when finished. I've translated the Alice subroutines, and can port it over to the others. If you all think there's a better use of my coding/translating time, please let me know.


    :o Translating it easy?

    ... a new, easy programmer?!

    :D Take it easy, newcomer!


    You can also help with Yukkuri Hakkei.
    No need to commit full-time, even just one or two lines every once in a while are fine.
    (Considering Hakkei is still being developed, we really need as many hands as possible to catch up.)

    study it easier

    Hitosura, I actually was here a very long time ago- under "study_it_easy". Regretfully I forgot my password and created this acct.
    I'd be happy to look at Yukkuri Hakkei and see if I can help.


    :D Welcome back easy!


    study_it_easier said:

    I've started translated simyukkuri 1.14. If there's interest