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9th death eye_bulging highres hot hwottttch koyukkuri marisa reimu shit sweat thirst vomit
9th death eye_bulging heat highres hot koyukkuri marisa reimu shit sweat vomit
9th highres koyukkuri marisa mold reimu sweat
9th highres koyukkuri marisa mold reimu sweat
9th accessories bushy_braids death dumbass hat highres hwottttch jumping koyukkuri marisa melted reimu summer sweat wasa_reimu water
9th death dumbass highres koyukkuri marisa reimu sweat
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    study it easier

    I sincerely apologize for the crap level of this translation. Please disregard when someone competent translates this:

    It's august, and the city is experiencing a record heat wave. The pavement still shimmers even when the sun goes down.
    "without sleeping, Marisa was heading to a certain place
    A Marisa is headed to a place to take it easy. She knows that the manhole gets cool at night, so she and other yukkuri can sleep in it.

    "A cold iron lid is cool and easy"
    The next day is much hotter, and they are all slowly roasted on the manhole rather than get off onto the hot pavement.

    They will all sleep easy this day. It's a nice day.