One Yukkuri Place

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    Canttakeiteasy said:

    Why do yukkuris in abyuse works bruise like they have ruptured blood vessels when their body physiology is pretty close to at the very least a one celled organism or a hydra like microorganism? Oh wait, a visual shorthand by an author who thinks the reader is too stupid to get what happens or an ignorant author who does not care to at least have a somewhat believable story.

    I dont think its about blood vessels. I think its more like the skin stretching by the punch and doesnt retract back. So the filling goes all there.
    I find it pretty funny. It enhances the humiliation they are suffering.


    Canttakeiteasy said:

    The violet markings are the problem not the swelling! The violet markings imply there are some sort of vessels there that ruptured.

    Buy a manjuu or even a bao zi and squeeze it hard but make sure not to break the skin, there is no indication that the filling is remotely near the surface of the pastry. The only time you see the filling or even actually visually confirm (not mentally expect) there is filling is if there is a break in the dough skin.

    Yukkuris in most stories despite having supposedly fragile skins are not translucent. Without the violet discoloration of the skin, this picture would be fine but 9th does not trust his readers enough and add in the discoloration to make you go easily "Oh. Marisa got fucked up BAD!" or he is actually that ignorant of logic and supposes since it looks like a human head then non-fatal injuries should behave similarly to the human analogue. If it were the latter it would not surprise me if he would think a story of a jumping and talking rock that was beaten for being naughty to the point of having pinpoint hemorrhages of rare minerals as a viable and believable story.

    I see. There is a lot of logic in what you say. But its hard to demand all that logic since the manjuu talks, move by itself and even "think". Its a living being (omg I'm talking like a anti abuse guy lol).
    Anoter point is the artist style. Each of them has a style. Some draw them fragile, no core, with core... some draw them with superpowers. I see there is no logic at all but I still find it pretty funny. Sunk, swelling, bruise, no bruise... I like it all since it gives the feeling you said "Oh. Marisa got fucked up BAD!".
    Take it easy tho. Lets just have fun!