One Yukkuri Place

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    @Baronmind; "Yukkuri Business" is probably better put as "For Yukkuri" or maybe "Yukkuri Owners'", it's not the name of a company or anything. As for the bottom bit, the first character is 舌 which means "tongue", but I can't tell what the verb at the end is supposed to be. The first character looks like either 目 or 月, but looking around in web dictionaries doesn't tell me about any words starting with those and ending with 巴 (or that's what I think that next character must be). If it's 月巴, then I'm guessing it refers to stopping that disgusting curly crescent moon shape yukkuri tongues tend to bend in when they're wolfing down food and really enjoying it.
    Jisho's page doesn't seem to useful巴#kanji , but its association with two other words it lists (巴人 and 卍巴) there makes me more or less convinced it has to do with stopping messy eating.


    Oh derp, I forgot 用いる was a verb. That's the kanji I was confused about; I was looking at its よう reading (because that's what searching for it as a suffix turned up) and getting all confused.

    As for the second part, my reading was 舌が肥えない. My dictionary says:

    肥える (こえる) (v1,vi) (1) to grow fat; to gain weight; to put on weight; (2) to grow fertile; (3) to be refined (palate); to be discerning (eye, ear); (4) to become rich; to become successful; (P)

    So I went with (3) for "tongue is undiscerning" as the only translation that made sense.