One Yukkuri Place

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abuse accessory_abuse eye_loss highres hoe ienekosasha injury marisa shit tears violence vomit
eating eye_loss highres ienekosasha injury mouth_abuse peeing reimu rock teeth_loss
absurdres accessory_theft crying death eye_loss grass highres ienekosasha injury koyukkuri marisa starvation tears weedwhacker
absurdres braids bushy_braids crying highres ienekosasha injury koyukkuri reimu square_yukkuri squashed tears wasa_reimu
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  • I'm pretty sure the dialogues are in "broken Japanese". I didn't check the grammar whatsoever since i did not end up uploading this one to pixiv. So the translation notes are just what the dialogue supposed to be and not direct translation of the text

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    Pun Master

    It's fortunate for being alive.
    Do they have paste cores ?


    Pun_Master said:

    It's fortunate for being alive.

    That's the theme for this series :)
    Yes they do have them, the shovel just missed it by milliliters