One Yukkuri Place

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    So cruel :(

    *kills the girl and lets out the yukkuri*


    This is a makako classic, she's nice to it later.

    But what's Alice doing with that teacup? The angle it's at, it doesn't look like she's drinking from it.

    Or it might be something else entirely.


    I think it's hypocritical some people have problems with yukkuri abuse (hell, this is soft compared to most material) but have no problems expressing a desire to harm other people. Anyway Moeman is right.


    I should have phrased that better... some have problems with yukkuri abuse but have no problems with violence against humans in the scope of these works.


    Trying to kill Alice would not end well for whoever is trying.


    Erm... Vordreller, that's absurdly disproportionate. "Keeping it in a box, which it's sad about" isn't really worth retribution -- especially given that she treats it nicely later -- and certainly not death.

    There's plenty of pics here that have characters (yukkuri, human, or youkai) who do deserve some sort of comeuppance for their behavior -- whether death or something more minor -- but this isn't one of them.


    Thanks for reviving a half year old thread just to put in your own comments about stuff already covered millions of times.