One Yukkuri Place

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    1)Eajy, eajy!
    Yu, yu'!
    2) -Yu?
    (rrrumble x2)
    3) -I atche a lotch, sho I have to poopoo!
    -Cute Reimyu's joing poopoo!
    4)Now, you're going to die very, very painfully, without ever eating delicious food, without ever seeing your cute sisters again, without ever getting refreshed, and without making babies~!


    What's the point of this edit?


    huh i wish this oniisan was that series

    Deity Link

    From which series are these ko?


    the series kinda starts with post #3887 though they eat them selfes full to that amount in the following series post #5677


    Koyukkureimus are from GesuAki's Selfish Mother series.


    I wish this awesome guy was there. The karma Hudini shit's getting real old.


    Still , I have to imagine those two shitting in his face in the next panel :-D


    How can they shit in his face if they are on the floor, plus this mister seems to be quite genre savvy. At least enough to know how to give manjuus psycological blows, which is something many had failed.


    You are overthinking this JIE - as usual.


    how can i be overthinking if i'm just pointing out how a yukkuri can't shit on anybody face without being in a higher ground or being lifted to face height, at lest to shit in any non yukkuri face.

    It's not rocket science or any philosophical talk about the manjuus, only common sense. And yeah even in yukkuri works there is some degree of common sense like something small needing to get into high ground or be lifted to "drop" something in a taller creature's face.


    "In his face" isn't always taken literally. You've ever said "In your face!" to someone? I don't think you're literally smearing something in their face. In the same way, pooing "in his face" could just mean pooing in defiance of him, not literally on his face.


    I don't think Funk meant that kind of "in your face" specially when the kodeibus are going to poo poo and Funk said the whole "shitting in his face".

    I think he actually meant the literal meaning of "in your face" or at least shitting on it.


    nice edit