One Yukkuri Place

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    What sense does that make?
    She kills her own child ... because she doesn't want to watch it die? O.o
    And she does this by eating her ... so she doesn't get eaten by Yuyuko? o.o
    And in before she explained to this child why she ate her sister ... so presumably she jumps into her mouth by herself ... what the fuck? -_-


    Trying to save her baby from a fate worse than death (at least in the Marisa's mind)?

    I think I've seen a similar situation before, but I can't remember where for the life of me.


    I think it wanted to end the spawn's existence quickly. Yuyuko will take her time savouring the taste, possibly torture it to make it sweeter.


    I understand what the author is going for(at least from Marisas' POV) and I also know that yukkuri logic is notorious for being ... peculiar.
    But I'm none the less the suprised how much this plot completley skullfucks all logic and reason.


    dunno how it skullfucks logic and reason.

    It's quite clear, Yuyuko has this marisa making babies for her to eat, she eats them in very gruesome ways since pain = sweetness, the marisa knows this so she rather mercy kill her kids, from her POV, instead of let yuyuko have them.

    You need to read the whole story instead of accusing it of skullfucking logic and reason when it makes sense in context, all that is need to understand it is to see all the pages before this one.


    @FSB: Spite. Better the mother end it than have the child be tortured by Yuyuko; while simultaneously sticking it to Yuyuko and the situation she put the mother in.