One Yukkuri Place

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    Is it just me or does Yuyuko have a talent for causing Yukkuri to go insane?


    I don't think I like Yuyuko anymore.


    This Troper thinks This is a Crowning moment of Awesome for Yuyuko


    this troper agrees


    This series of comics has caused me to hate Yuyuko with a passion


    "Aww, I broke it's mind."


    It just struck me that Yuyuko is probably treating that yukkuri the same way youkai treat humans in general.


    Yuyuko is my new favorite character.


    Yuyuko is always my idol whenever how she is...


    Hmm. Since this was already necro'd, I suppose I'll add my two cents.

    1. What is the 'censor' bar blocking out? I don't think its a curse word, cause that would seem odd in context of that line.....

    2. Yuyuko shouldn't kill that mother, It may have lost the will to live, and its sanity, but It can still be used to make more kos! So it can still make more food! XP


    not sure. Was it blocked out in the chinese ver? Can't remember, this is real old.


    I think it's more of an editing error than anything else. 'Your' is the word most likely to fit in, and a curse there doesn't make much sense.

    Speaking of this story, could yukkuri_yuyuko_alt be converted to series:yukkuri_yuyuko_alt to match the standard, please?


    yeah, or use the title of the original story and add "_alternate_ending"

    since i think that's what it is, an alternate ending for yuyuko's marisa.


    Was this an alternate end? I thought that they were a series, where Yuyuko got a new Marisa to replace a previous one.


    It does say "yukkuri_yuyuko_alt" i can guess it may mean "alternate yukkuri yuyuko" as in "alternate end"


    The guy who says"I don't like Yuyuko anymore"


    I saw in a doujin that my favorite character got corrupt by Rinnosuke. I don't like him anymore too.


    It's just... You knows those are fanwork and fan work....


    that's kinda why i hate the whole "kill and torture Akyuu" since it's as you say rocketcochon, a fanwork with a out of characters interepretation of that character.

    yet somehow people love to miss the point, even when many aspects of touhou are fan based, there are some obvious limits about what to take serious and what to take as "OOC".


    Hey,please think about what Yoyoko is before say anything bad to her

    She is a GOST!

    Yuyuko even eat human in the original setting.

    So, eating something non-human would be already great kindness to all of us!

    How kind she just eat some worthless yukkuri!!!Goddess!