One Yukkuri Place

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    Can anyone tell what type that yukkuri is supposed to be?


    She called Marisashell. (in Japanese, Marisa-tsumuri)
    In a Japanese novel, She doesn't have hat naturally.
    Because her ancestor Alice was hurted and caused a genetic anomaly in a battle.
    (After a while, she died from a wound)
    Her children didn't have hats or counterparts. Insted, them mother Marisa made them equipping conch's shells she collected in her hat.
    In their evolution, them abillity of growth of hats converted into shells.
    Though they didn't have hats, they are difensible from other yukkuris and could survive.
    (My native language isn't English, sorry.)


    I think this reimu only hid herself. Because she has ribbons, had no fears at first.


    Yukkureimu is a pretty cool guy, eh hides in lots of shells and doesn't afraid of anything


    Until the foot comes down. :)