One Yukkuri Place

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Forest Sage and Raper

In a mountain forest that no human visits, there is a herd led by "The Forest Sage", a wise and capable yukkuri. This yukkuri is very smart and has protected her clan from many disasters. Her charisma kept everyone together, and even with sacrifice done, the clan survived through seemingly impossible trials.

The Sage's deeds has became a legend in the mountain.

One day, a Patchouli is troubled. She's the yukkuri running day to day governing of the clan. She's smart, but there's a lot of problem she has to face.

Winter is coming, and there are a lot of troubles.
Quelling protests against rule forbidding them from making little ones.
Dealing with members who became scum.
Evacuation training in case of predator or beasts.
Managing food storage.
Educating and overseeing the yukkuri to not make trouble with human.
etc etc

Unfortunately most of the yukkuri are not thinking far ahead.

One of them is a Raper Alice who came to Patchouli.
Amazingly, this Raper is also part of the clan, and she never rape anyone behind the clan's back.

Either way, Patchouli doesn't have time to deal with a Raper who's always in heat.
She walked away while Alice is masturbating herself.

Then a Chen runs to Patchouli reporting a trouble.
Patchouli who has been managing this clan for long time can easily guess what happened. A Deibu want to join the clan.

In the entrance, that fat Deibu is being held back by the security guards.
Deibu declared herself as Leader of this clan.
Even when the guards refused, claiming that this clan is under the Forest Sage, Deibu stay with her demand.
Apparently, she know this is the Forest Sage's clan, and that a Patchouli will be easy to defeat.

But Patchouli see it differently. As soon as Deibu called the Forest Sage as just Moriken (short of Mori no Kenja, forest sage, usually in manner of insulting as a fake), Patchouli quickly told the guards to hold Deibu down and give her punishment for being disrespectful to the leader.

The punishment will be by being raped, that's why Patchouli also bring Alice.
Alice is all too happy especially when hearing Deibu says she's still a virgin.

Of course Deibu won't accept this tyrant rule.
Patchouli told her, she's standing on the clan's territory, and thus subject to the clan's rule. All the yukkuri clan in the mountain have this rule.
Deibu is an abandoned yukkuri though, she doesn't know such kind of rule.

Doesn't matter, Alice starts raping her again and again.

This is one of the reason Alice is feared. She's the clan's executor, and most of the capital punishment in this clan is by getting raped by Alice.

After a while, Deibu is dying.
Suddenly Alice stopped when Patchouli called her, as the Chief.

Indeed, that time Deibu can see that Alice is very different. Instead of the crazed raper killing her, that filthy Alice's eyes are filled with dignity.

Patchouli is actually just managing the day to day operation of the clan.
The real leader, and the real forest sage is actually Alice. In human standard, Alice would be equal to Platinum grade. She's smart enough to devise tactics and traps that helped her clan get through their worst moments. It is Patchouli's parent, the previous leader, who saw Alice's potential and raise her up.

Problem is, Alice is a Raper and most of the time she's in heat. In that condition she can't really think straight.
Fortunately, Patchouli herself is also smart enough to run the clan. Alice's ability is only needed when there's a real dire situation.

For that, Alice found way in what human call "Sage time" (that afterglow after sexual act). In this short period, she's the legendary forest sage who will help the clan through its troubles. Time is short though, so they can't waste it.

While at it, Alice proposed Patchouli again, which gets rejected yet again.

Both has known each others for long time, but Patchouli really don't want to spend her life with Alice who is in heat 90% of her time.