One Yukkuri Place

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In the mountain, there's a yukkuri clan led by a Patchouli.

Surprisingly, this Clan have many kind of death execution methods, all are slow and gruesome torture.
Usually the Clan accepted the rules because they trust Patchouli's reason, such as limiting number of children to avoid getting overpopulated and not enough food, or forbidding them from going far to avoid conflicts.

But today's declaration is hard to swallow. Patchouli has declared that Reimu and Marisa marriage are banned.
Reason... well, the whole Clan are like having time travel while remembering how nothing good came out of Marisa and Reimu pair. Both quickly grow big-headed and so they actually need someone who can be their stopper rather than making it worse.

The ban also cover existing couples, so those who are married are forcefully divorced.

The first to joy over this is of course the Marisa married to Deibu. Freedom at last. Patchouli want the matter to be settled among the couples, but the Council members will be available as mediator. But most of course, is Marisa leaving the house and not giving any support to the Reimu they leave behind, bringing their Marisa children.

This caused cases, like Deibu crushing their Deibu children, or Deibu trying to force other clan member to marry them and provide them food. There's even case of them robbing other yukkuri or attacking their ex husband.

As result, a lot of Deibu are executed.

After that, things settled down. The clan quickly get over the matter since the clan works just fine without Deibu.

Unfortunately, Patchouli missed something. The Marisa, free from their Deibu ex-wives, starts to discriminate Reimu types, calling them useless and giving bad influence even to the decent Reimu.
This is not what Patchouli want. She wished for yukkuri to help each others.

Then a Reimu came to Patchouli with her child for help. Patchouli thought Reimu want to ask for food to help her child, which she will straightly refuse. But not so. Reimu asked Patchouli to teach her daughter how to hunt and survive on her own, after all she doesn't feel like she would be able to teach anything.

Touched by that, Patchouli planned a school. She can't teach about hunting herself, but she can contact all the best hunters in the clan. Beyond her expectation, many agreed, except the Marisa who look down on Reimu. Patchouli can see that some are even on the path to becoming scum.
But two Marisa came to Patchouli later volunteering to be instructor. They can't say it in front of the other Marisa, but they will help with educating the children, not just Reimu types, but all types.

For Patchouli, the school is important, not only for teaching the children to be independent. By showing that the Reimu are not useless, she hope that the Marisa will stop their discrimination.

First day, they're thrown into despair as only three koyukkuri came to school.
All because Patchouli forgot to do the advertising.

Second day, almost all the children came, except Marisa types who don't want to be with Reimu, or their parent Marisa don't want them to. They're taught by their parents.

The first school day starts with stamina training, running around the plaza. Athletic Chen types are out of stamina after three laps, while the non-athletic Reimu and Patchouli couldn't even make a lap. Most do two laps in average.

Followed by theory class about what food is safe and which are poisonous.
Last is the practice. The children are taken out to hunt in a designated zone, where they can break that pride of theirs.

During the lesson, Marisa group came and start insulting everyone.

Patchouli is worried that she has hurt the children's heart. Fortunately the next day, all the children came motivated.

Summer arrived, and although there are some koyukkuri who died in the rainy season, most of the students has grown to juveniles and stopped talking like children. What's originally is Patchouli's plan to give Reimu ability to be independent and not being looked down by the Marisa is now helping to raise living standard in her Clan.

Then the autumn came and students are graduating.

Unfortunately, being paste brain that can only focus on single task, Patchouli totally forgot her original intention which is to stop the discrimination against Reimu type. In fact, things got worse.

While able to hunt, Marisa type don't have the knowledge about other matters. A lot died from predator attack because they don't know how to build barrier, for example.

Being isolated in their own community, young Marisa can't find their mate. Of course, all the other yukkuri already found romance with their own classmates during the time they spend in school.
Meanwhile, the older Marisa, now alone in their home after their children goes to live on their own, are depressed and unhappy.

Although in quantity Marisa can hunt more in quantity, the other families have more variety and they know how to process the food into a feast (still disgusting for human, but feast for wild yukkuri). In the night, they can also hear the other yukkuri refreshing.

The stress piled up, and finally the Marisa breaks.
They starts to blame Reimu for stealing their happiness.

First starts with a group of Marisa, trying to lure a Reimu to linch her. This failed and instead all are apprehended, then executed.

But that's just the beginning. To Patchouli's horror, Marisa case came one after another. In the end, after throwing them to jail on the death row, Patchouli realized that all but the two instructor Marisa has became scum.

The whole trial and execution drained Patchouli mentally. She almost collapsed, and thus didn't realize one survivor Marisa escaping.

This Marisa have an amazing plan. She will go to the city and gather human slave to exact her revenge.
Never did she know that it would have been better for her if she died in the clan.