One Yukkuri Place

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In the forest, a pair of Reimu and Marisa is basking under the spring sun outside their house, enjoying the warmth and easyness.
Reimu is currently pregnant with babies in her body. She still don't know, but there are three Reimu and two Marisa waiting for their time to be born into the world filled with easyness, house and beautiful as palace, served with sweets sweets and having their own harem.

One night, after dinner, both went to sleep, not knowing that something will change the fate of their children. Something entered the nest hole, dug by their clan's Dosu, and did something.

After that, life goes on like usual as Reimu and Marisa awaits for their first children. Normally five children in mammalian pregnancy will burden the mother, but Marisa is a good hunter who managed to find enough food everyday to feed her family.

Meanwhile, inside, the babies are growing, dreaming. Some are clearly scum though.
But something is different, disturbing. There's the sound of cracking that keep annoying them from having their easy dreams.

Days passed, and finally the cracking stops. The babies thought they won, until they feel something unusual with them in the darkness. It's a Nue, and now is time for her first meal. First she reached out to a Marisa, hug the Marisa with her tentacles, and while that little Marisa is feeling tickled, she stab her tentacle deep to her paste, inciting pain. But that's nothing compared to what coming when the blades touched Marisa's paste core.

Outside, the parents never realized and spend their life in routinity. Marisa came home with food. They separated the perishable and those that can be stored, and then walk out to bask in the sun. Nest hole are damp, so basking is a way to protect themselves from mold, and it also feel easy.

Suddenly, Reimu feel that she's about to give birth.

Marisa waited to catch the babies, but three hours and no baby is coming out. Just as Marisa is feeling tired, the baby finally pops out. At first, Marisa see the strange features, but because of the hat, Marisa quickly assume that this is a Marisa baby.

Then, no other babies came out. This made Reimu especially sad because she felt like there's more babies, and that there's no baby that looks like her.

Nue quickly cut off their worries, asking them if she's unwanted. Marisa and Reimu quickly shift their attention saying they also love their baby. Nue knows that if left alone, yukkuri would drown themselves in sadness until who knows when. This way they will be more useful.

Instead of eating, Nue quickly asked to go to sleep, after all, she had eaten five babies before being born. Marisa and Reimu didn't feel any suspicion anymore.

Nue is a fast learner. She could do poo poo and clean herself, but Reimu insist of pampering her, which doesn't feel that bad. Although normal yukkuri meal only taste so-so for predator that mainly eat other yukkuri's paste, having meal with family is happyness.

When she starts socializing, the other children adore her because of her strength and smartness. It's normal for a predator with higher ability than normal yukkuri, but everyone thought she's a Marisa.
In the other hand, there are also those who are envious and want to kill Nue. Of course, they don't know this is a predator and ends up dead without ever being found.

Finally, as she grow into a juvenile, Nue has became the star of hope in the clan.

But it's time for her to go. One night, Nue went to her parents and told them she's going on a journey. Reimu opposed her baby from going to the dangerous world outside, but Marisa respected her child's decision.

So, lastly, Nue revealed herself. Nue has the ability to increase yukkuri's beliefs, making them thinking she's a Marisa despite contrasting proof like her black hairs and the wings. After being told about it, finally Marisa saw Nue as she is.

Nue also told them how she had killed the babies. But she also told them that she truly enjoy the time she spent with Reimu and Marisa, as their child. How father Marisa tried to bring delicious meal for her, how they sleep together, how they are so proud of her as their child.
That's why she doesn't want to fight Marisa.

Thinking back, Marisa forgive Nue because she's just doing things she need to do to survive. Marisa also accepted that despite not related by paste, they have loved Nue as their own children and that Nue also cared for them. Since Nue is leaving, maybe they will have more children, little sisters for Nue and they will raise good children who is proud even if they have a predator older sister. Nue can always come back home any time she wants because this is her family.

But Nue are capricious. Before leaving, she told Marisa and Reimu to, at least able to see next time if their children are really the same species as they are.

After that, the clan is shocked by the missing of "Marisa", but Dosu let out yukkuri aura to calm them down and they soon forget about the matter. Nobody knows the truth other than Nue's parents, and in the end, they never make another children.