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We Became Happy


Anon has a well-behaved pet Reimu that he picked up off the street one day when he saw it collapsed near his door, a rare action for his character. One day, he tells Reimu that he's going to have a guest over, and it's the girl he's hoping to date. However, when she sees Reimu, the girl goes silent. Reimu marks the girl as scum and keeps trying to attack her, even going so far as to bite the girl on the leg while Anon is in the toilet and telling her to die.

Angry, Anon begins punishing Reimu, but when he finds out that Reimu is unrepentant because it saw the girl as someone who was trying to take Anon away, and that Anon should be grateful to Reimu for saving him. Anon snaps and starts beating Reimu up, destroying the house he gave it, and taking a knife to kill it. He throws its own words back in its face about not stopping when told to, but when Reimu says it has realized its mistakes, he falters, only to witness Reimu's scum nature when he apologizes for hurting it. The second time around, Anon makes sure to ask what wrongs did Reimu do, and when he receives no answer, he is about to kill Reimu...

When the girl returned. She was worried, and when he didn't answer the intercom, she came back up. While Anon is distracted in confessing everything to her and finding out that she hates yukkuris, Reimu has taken the knife. Unfortunately, the girl snatches it away, and plunges it right through Reimu's head. She torments it, pretending to pull the knife out before digging it around further, demonstrating her knowledge of abyuse to Anon.

Anon finally comes to terms with this new discovery, and asks to join in, as well as for her to go out with him. And so, a relationship is formed over abyuse, which Anon thanks Reimu for. They won't kill Reimu...

Months later

Reimu is still alive, and has finally learned what to apologize for. The girl baits Reimu with the chance to go free, before shooting down Reimu's hopes by pointing out that it can't ever take it easy with all the crippling it has undergone, causing Reimu to start crying.

Anon has been learning a lot about abyuse ever since he started cohabiting with the girl, and he doesn't find it too bad. The girl leaves, but reminds Anon not to abyuse Reimu without her. That was how they became happy.

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