One Yukkuri Place

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How to Raise Yukkuris


Guy wants to take care of yukkuris, reads up, then decides to try. He comes across an abandoned silver badge Reimu and takes it in. He cleans it up, feeds it, does all the usual things, and Reimu is very happy.

She was abandoned by her owner, waking up one day to find herself outside.

Then she says "Mister! Take it easy with Reimu!!"
"Sorry, that's not possible."

According to the book, one should practice caring for yukkuris by first taking in a wild one, and that's what Anon is doing. Reimu goes into a panic, not wanting to get abandoned. Anon tells her he won't abandon her, and asks her to go into a box. She does so quickly, eager to please.

Then he steps on it. As the book says, one musn't abandon yukkuris out into the wild, it's best to crush them and throw them out with the garbage.

Anon thinks that he should get some more practice with bad yukkuris before buying one from the pet shop, maybe a Marisa this time.

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