One Yukkuri Place

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Anon comes home to find a single mother Reimu with two children in the wreckage of his place, and gets mad. He kills one by picking it up and throwing it at the mess they made on his bed, then stuffs the mother into the rice cooker, putting the remaining koyukkuri inside as an afterthought. He then sets the heat on a low setting, and leaves them inside as he cleans up his room.

At 3 minutes, the Koreimu feels sleepy, and scolds her mother for making noise when it's its 'Super Sleep-sleep time'.
At 10 minutes, they're feeling thirsty and REALLY uncomfortable, and the mother is trying to call out to him.
At 30 minutes, they keep repeating 'water' over and over, when Anon opens up the lid and gives it to them. However, the water has salt in it, and he leaves them to suffer some more.
At 40 minutes, they say they don't want to die, and wonder why they're suffering, but their cooking brains can't think up an answer.

Anon opens up the rice cooker the next day and finds the inhabitants still alive, though he only sees the mother, whose eyes have turned white. He tries an eye, but finds it hard, and though the paste is sweet, the texture isn't good. He ends up throwing the whole thing out since cleaning the inside is too hard. And so the lives of a home-invasion yukkuri family comes to an end.

As for the Koreimu, it actually fell into its mother's mouth, and was mistaken for sweets and eaten.

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