One Yukkuri Place

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Reimu's illness


FemAnon has a pet Marisa/Reimu couple. They give birth to a healthy baby Marisa and a premature Reimu. Reimu devotes herself to caring for the premature baby to the point of exhaustion, refusing to let anyone help. The baby weakens and dies, and Reimu becomes depressed. Marisa and FemAnon try hard to cheer her up.

Reimu gets pregnant again. This time, all three babies (two Reimus and a Marisa) seem healthy, but the next day, one of the baby Reimus is limping and has wandering eyes. FemAnon wants to examine the baby, but Reimu yells at her and says she’s taking care of it. The baby dies, devastating the parents. Again, FemAnon tries to cheer them up with treats.

Things seem to go on normally, but Marisa privately approaches FemAnon and tells her that Reimu is still grieving, so she should watch out for her and be extra-kind. Marisa also mentions that the remaining baby Reimu sometimes seems to be in pain. FemAnon puts a video camera on the yukkuri house, and when Marisa is away, FemAnon sees Reimu doing something to her child. She rushes over and finds the child collapsed near a straw. Mother Reimu denies doing anything, tries to prevent FemAnon from examining the child, and when FemAnon points out that her child is in pain and to be pitied, Reimu turns everything around as a justification for why she herself should be pitied. FemAnon finally realizes that after the experience with the premature baby, Reimu began hurting her own children to get attention for herself.

FemAnon feels partly responsible for spoiling Reimu and not catching on sooner. She doesn’t want to get rid of Reimu, but Reimu will claim another victim if she goes on. FemAnon tells Marisa that Reimu is sick, and Marisa must watch the children while FemAnon takes care of Reimu. She keeps Reimu isolated in a separate room and gives her a toy yukkuri that’s been set to make sounds like a premature yukkuri.

Illustration: post #23372