One Yukkuri Place

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Marisa and Mister Cash

A stray Marisa sees a human exchanging shiny things for sweet-sweets, asks a Patchouli, and learns about mister cash.
Wanting the sweet-sweets, cushions, and pet houses she sees in shop windows, she devotes all her time to searching under vending machines for mister cash, even when other yukkuris mock her for how dirty and smelly she has become. She even chooses to eat bitter weeds rather than spend time hunting for better-tasting food.
Finally, she takes her hoard to a yukkuri-goods shop that she knows yukkuris are allowed in, where the foot of the clerk is the last thing she ever sees. Of course, only badged yukkuris are allowed in the store by themseles.
The clerk is annoyed that another stray yukkuri with misconceptions about money has become a big mess of bean paste and bottle caps that he has to clean up.

Illustration: post #29747