One Yukkuri Place

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A FemAnon goes outside to hang laundry and finds a mother Reimu and child hanging around begging for some of that delicious sweet-sweet they smell. Surmising that they mean her Downy fabric softener, she gives them a clean, dry washcloth to see what will happen. They go into raptures over the heavenly scent and rub-rub against the towel and each other. Six hours later, they’re still at it.

The next day, they’re still at it. She tries pouring a little of the liquid on the ground. They soak themselves in it, and now that they both smell like it, they rub-rub with each other to the point of refreshing and both grow stalks. (Unlike in some works, the koyukkuri isn’t killed or harmed by the pregnancy.) As FemAnon looks on, the ecstatic-looking, blue-tinged babies are born. She picks up the babies, but their mothers don’t care and jump back into the Downy puddle.

Three more stray yukkuris show up, attracted by the smell. As an experiment, FemAnon pours some Downy into a container and sets it down by them. The yukkuris jump in, and soon five yukkuris are rolling around in it, moaning and refreshing like crazy.

Fed up, FemAnon kicks the container over, sprays the noisy yukkuris with pepper spray, and bundles them up in a garbage bag to dispose of them. She decides to stop using Downy--her garden would end up being destroyed by trespassing yukkuris.

Out of curiosity, she keeps the three sweet-smelling, blue “Dow-yu” babies and feeds them a diet of straight Downy, although she doesn’t expect them to survive. She doesn’t really care.

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