One Yukkuri Place

Read the rules before proceeding!



You can search only up to two tags in a single search.
Some users don't have this limitation, but they obtained that privilege from the admins, so the statement in bold applies to the majority of the users.

  • ma*
    • Searches every picture with at least one tag that begins with "ma" (like marisa, mamumamu, madness, ...)

How To Tag

  • marisa reimu
    • Adds the "marisa" and "reimu" tags to the picture
  • alice_(pc-98)
    • Use _ (underscore) to represent spaces inside the name. Actual spaces are used to separate tags, as shown above
  • artist:yukkuri
    • Adds "yukkuri" as the name of an artist (it will be listed under the "Artist" section when viewing the picture)
  • character:okina
    • Adds "okina" as the name of a character (it will be listed under the "Characters" section when viewing the picture)
  • copyright:some_work
    • Adds "some_work" as the name of some existing work unrelated to yukkuri, like Gundam or The Shining


Some notes:

  • There's currently a bug with the search system, which gives less results than what is expected (e.g. artists with 100 pictures are shown with a single page of results). This happens only with searches with a single tag, so the workaround is to add id:>0 to the search (that tag would normally list every uploaded picture)
  • The autocomplete function is not listing every available tag. If you're looking for something but the autocomplete does not show it, try searching it anyway (e.g. hecatia does no show up, but there are pictures of her)