One Yukkuri Place

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Cacti and Reimu


Reimu invaded, Anon ignores her.

She sees a flower on top of the cactus and calls for it to come down. When it doesn't, she gets mad and puffs, thinking it will be so scared, etc. Then she tries to threaten, 'come down and i wont be mad', even though she was intending to eat it. Then she finally attacks, and gets poked.

Reimu goes on to another one, with shorter, but thicker spines. She rams it, then goes around bumping into cactus after cactus like some pinball. Anon thinks he should get some orange juice, but then Reimu loses an eye.

Finally giving up because of all the pain, Reimu decides to go home. Because of her blind side, she goes on to a final cactus, one with very thin spines, but 20 cm long. Unable to feel any more pain, she doesn't realize she's getting pierced, until...

Anon is surprised that it's already over. Then he catches himself wishing it lasted a bit longer, and realizes that he enjoyed it and is looking forward to the next one. A look in the mirror confirms that he's smiling.

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