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This page lists some common yukkuri-specific Japanese terms, and their English translation
The English translation is not necessarily a proper translation, but it's the word that is generally used or accepted the most.
Read the notes (if any) for further informations.
The words are in no particular order.

Japanese English Notes
お兄さん, おにいさん, おにーさん Mister It's actually "Big brother".
お姉さん, おねえさん, おねーさん Miss, Big sis When referring to humans, it's "Miss", otherwise it's "Big sis"
鬼威惨 Mister, Oniisan In Japanese it means nothing, but it's pronounced the same way as お兄さん
うんうん Poo poo うん is also used to express confirmation. Yukkuri don't really use it but in post #72412, panel 3, Reimu isn't saying "poo poo"
しーしー Pee pee
あまあま Sweet sweet
None, see notes The "little tsu" is abused by yukkuri a lot. Normally it would "double" the next consonant (unless it's at the end of a sentence), but they use it even when it's not needed. This can make translation harder than it already is.
どうつき Bodied, Bodied yukkuri
体操, たいそう Dance It would be "gymnastic" or "training", but it's almost always preceded by うんうん, making it the "Poo Poo Dance"
げす Scum
飼いゆっくり, 飼いゆ, かいゆっくり, かいゆ Pet yukkuri
おさ Chief
どす Dosu According to some comics it might be an acronym, so it should be DOS, but it's unclear. Japanese artist write it as "dos" or "DOS" when using roomaji.
あなた Darling When humans say it, it means "you" (singular) most of the times. Yukkuri use お前 or おまえ to mean "you" (singular), so when they use あなた, it's more likely to be "darling"
おちびちゃん, おちび Little one
びゆん Beautiful, Beautiful yukkuri
かわいくてごめんね Sorry for being so cute! かわいくて can be replaced by other adjectives
おくるみ Sweater
ぽんで, ぽんでりんぐ Pon de Ring This isn't really yukkuri specific, but since it's common in Japan it's worth mentioning it: the Pon de Ring is like a doughnut, but instead of being circular, it's made of little balls held together. The "lion" in pool #89 has one as mane
おといれ Toilet
おうち House The お is not part of the word, so it's "o-uchi", not "oochi"
家ゆっくり, 家ゆ House yukkuri, House yu
ぺにぺに Peni peni
まむまむ Mamu mamu
赤ゆっくり, 赤ゆ, あかゆっくり, あかゆ Baby Yukkuri
ゆ虐 Abyuse The proper term is 虐待, which is simply "abuse". Since this is ゆ虐 ("Yu Abuse", with "abuse" being shortened), the closest translation is "abyuse" with the "y" before the "u".