One Yukkuri Place

Read the rules before proceeding!


Just follow these rules:

  • If possible, translate the title into english and use the translation.
  • If you don't know japanese (or chinese or whatever), don't use google translate or the like, but use the original title as-is without modifications. Don't translitterate the title to latin letters.
  • Always include the artist's name at the end of the pool's title, enclosed in parentheses.
  • Use a translitteration to latin letters for the artist's name. It's fine to use a machine translator to get the translitteration (just make sure you are using the correct language.)
  • If the artist is anonymous, don't add anything, leave just the title.
  • If the artist didn't leave a title, it's ok to make something on the spot, as long as it's relevant to the story, doesn't make spoilers, and the pool's description explicitly states that the title is unofficial.
  • If the pool's content is a hard translation of a comic (i.e. the pictures have been modified with a tool like GIMP to change the text, instead of using the site notes system), include the target language in parentheses somewhere after the title.
  • If the pool is a comic, use the "series" category (the pool's title becomes purple.) If it's a set of mostly-unrelated pictures, or if there is no plot, use the "collection" category (the pool's title becomes blue-ish.)

Some examples:

  • Work from an anonymous artist without an official title:
  • Hard translated work from japanese to english from a named artist:
    • I want to eat mister stalk (English) (y)
    • pool #1211
  • Work from a named artits with an untranslated title (the linked pool might've been translated after this page has been written):