One Yukkuri Place

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A FemAnon has a very nice, well-behaved pet Marisa, and she buys a Reimu to keep Marisa company. Reimu has a complex about her slightly damaged ribbon, so Miss tells her that if she's good, her accessory might become more easy like Marisa's. Through the power of her belief and her admiration for Marisa, Reimu's ribbon gradually turns black. Reimu is pleased that her accessory is so easy and that the damage is no longer visible, and Marisa feels that the black ribbon makes Reimu special.

One day, a pair of stray yukkuris invade the house. Marisa and Reimu endure their mocking and manage to dodge their attacks until Miss comes home. Miss tells her pets to shut themselves up in their yukkuri house and not to look, then indulges in some abuse. She won't kill them because she doesn't want the death-stench to upset her pets, but she strips the strays of their accessories, immobilizes them, shaves them, staples their mouths shut, and seals their orifices with flour and orange juice. Then she presents Marisa and Reimu with their new toy balls.

Postscript: Miss promised the strays they could have their accessories back and leave the house alive if they endured their punishment without making a sound, and true to her word, she returns their accessories (soaked in kimchi) and takes them out... on yukkuri trash collection day.

Interesting detail: Miss buys the Reimu at a shop that specializes in Reimus. They come pre-trained, but to prevent them from bad influences before they're sold, they're stocked and sold in a state of suspended animation. Since the customers can't really get a sense of a Reimu's personality until they've bought her and woken her up with orange juice, the shop offers a three-week return policy.