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Yukkuri who are genetically predisposed toward astoundingly arrogant, selfish, and often times stupid behavior. Throughout their lives, they will have a permanent, self-serving psychosis that engenders conflict with almost everything not within its immediate gene pool.

They only think about taking it easy themselves, without care for the easiness of those around them, and will use various unreasonable justifications for that purpose. They also they tend to be full of pride and look down on other yukkuri, despite their claims of being pitiful (usually Deibus).

They are considered to be the worst type of yukkuri, and are thusly, totally unredeemable. Any attempts to socialize them will result in frustration for the human involved, and insanity for the yukkuri.

There are some clear indicators of shitheads, which include but are not limited to,

  • Saying various choice lines when around humans "Showwy for being so cute", "Shitty slave", "Shitty geezer", "You want to die?", "Drop Dead Easy."
  • Invading homes, killing other yukkuri, for no reason other than laziness.
  • Having a willful disregard for both logic and morals when confronting humans and other yukkuri. In practice, this means the shithead will steal from other yukkuri; claiming those yukkuri were "hoarding" the food.
  • Jealousy towards other yukkuris who are taking it easier than they are.
  • Offering poo-poo or pee-pee with the assumption that the receiver should be grateful.

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The following tags implicate this tag: bawiza, awize, deibu, batchouli, beiring.