One Yukkuri Place

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The Link Supposedly Formed Over Food


Anon wakes up one day to find a yukkuri with a black hat and green hair sleeping on his table, having eaten his food. He doesn't really like yukkuris, and chases the yukkuri out. She reapppears back in his house soon enough despite him locking the door and windows, sleeping on his chest.

"If you came into my house last night, then where were you? I didn't see you around."
"Koishi was always behind Mister, you know?"

Giving up on chasing her out, Anon chooses to ignore her at first. But gradually he softens towards her, and starts feeding Koishi. Since she behaves herself well, he manages to get along with her.

One day, he finds Koishi in a panic on his way home. The reason is a family of scum that broke into his house with a stone, and caused a fire when they accidentally get too close to an electric socket. Shutting out Koishi, he puts out the fire on them with the tea he bought, and later kills them when they insult him.

Some time later, Anon stutteringly asks Koishi to be his pet yukkuri, and she accepts. She begins studying to get a gold badge in order to please him. Then one day, she approaches him, blushing...

"When Koishi gets mister badge, let's take it easy together always! Since long ago, Koishi has been in love with Mister!"
"...Excuse me?"