One Yukkuri Place

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Feeding saccharine to regular yukkuris causes them to grow larger than normal.
These yukkuris are referred to as “tosu” or “half-dosu,” but they don’t have any of the special abilities dosus have, and they’re only about the size of a large exercise ball.
Anon goes to the woods, gives saccharine sweet-sweets to a wild Marisa, and watches what happens.
Tosu Marisa is perplexed by all the yukkuris who think she’s a dosu and crowd around her, demanding things--wanting to be part of her clan, wanting her to provide for them, wanting her to share her wisdom with them, etc.
Even when Tosu Marisa shoves a pushy Deibu and accidentally kills her, the others decide it was a wise decision done for everyone’s benefit.
Tosu Marisa doesn’t like all the sudden attention and tries to run away, but the other yukkuris just follow her.
The next day, Anon comes back to the site and finds the slaughtered remains of Marisa and her self-proclaimed clan.
Evidently, a band of Remiryas or something attacked them, and although they expected their “dosu” to protect them, Tosu Marisa wasn’t able to do anything.
Anon regrets not being able to see it. As he leaves the woods, a Reimu greets him, and he offers her some sweet-sweets.

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