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Anon is carrying a gatchagatcha ball in his bag. However it is not a normal gatchagatcha, it a specially designed yu-bullying device from the factory. It's a very narrow space for a baby yu to grow up in, though there is enough space to move around a bit, with a closable roof that is too small for the yukkuri to get out. It is sound-proof, so it's voice doesn't bother you.

Anon is riding the train, watching the koreimu cry soundlessly. He shakes it a little bit up and down to see the result, it smashes against the wall. Will it start saying "yunyaa" and crying more? Looking in, it opens it mouth wide and seems to be saying something.

A good point of this capsule is that it doesn't bounce the insides around while you are walking. At the bottom of the capsule is a small 5mm diameter hole that was originally designed for feeding and food, though anon calls it the 'abuse hole'. Anon takes this cap off, and when the Reimu notices, it hurries to the hole in a flurry and tries to get out, even though there is no point.

Anon takes out a toothpick from his bag and puts into the cramped capsule, and the reimu frantically runs in circles trying to get away. When he pokes it lightly here and there, it cowers under its braids in pain. Anon continues to have play with Reimu like that until he arrives at the second stop. A few people are waiting to get on, so he puts the bewildered yukkuri back into his bag (with a few toothpicks still attached) and acts like normal.

He wonders how many holes will the yukkuri by the time he gets to his destination - at a business meeting - due to all the vibrations from the train. When he gets there, he looks at the reimu, he is delighted at how uneasy it is taking it, full of dread and sorrow. He doesn't want it to die just yet, so he fulls a syringe with orange juice and gives it to the reimu throught the abuse hole. It smiles after tasting the juice, enjoying a brief moment of respite.
Getting irritated at the look of happiness on the yukkuri, anon puts the cap back on and once again shakes the capsule up and down. The yukkuri cries out in suprise and pain... then anon puts it on the table and spins it around like a spinning top... the figure of the reimu spinning is quite a sight, and after it stops the reimu stumbles around as if drunk.

Anon then takes the capsule to the bath, and turns the hot water on and fills the bath then puts the yukkuri-ball in it. He takes it in and has submurges them both; at first the reimu finds the temperature pleasant, but as expected the beanpaste bun cannot tolerate the same temperatures as a human, and begins to jump around agitated.

After the bath, he gives the steamed reimu some OJ, and the reimu relaxes a bit. He contemplates dropping the reimu from his floor (10th) because the capsule is tough and can handle it, but decides he hasn't had his fill of fun from reimu and puts it in the fridge overnight.

The next day as he's about to leave, he suddenly remembers that reimu is in the fridge. It seems to be in very poor health, shivering and unable to have gotten any sleep.
Thanks to reimu, the pain-in-the-ass business trip was not a bore, instead it ended up being quite fun. He puts some orange juice into the capusle, and in a bit the reimu opens it's eyes and is jumping around inside the narrow capsule. With this, it should last until anon gets back at the end of the day.

If not, he'll just get another yukkuri from the petshop to replace it in the gatchagatcha...