One Yukkuri Place

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Deibu Punishment


Deibu and her two little Deibus invade a clan's cave, gobble up their stored food, bully Chief Patchouli's little ones to death, and declare everyone their slaves.

However, the clan yukkuris rise up as one and overpower the Deibus. Judge Eiki declares Deibu and her little ones guilty of the crime of Deibu, and sentences them to the traditional Deibu Punishment. The clan's penal officer Chens give the Deibus a severe flogging, then release them.

Wherever the Deibu family goes, the clan yukkuris won't let them take it easy, and injured and increasingly weak with hunger, the Deibus can't fight back. When Deibu manages to dig up some grubs and worms to feed her little ones, a Chen shows up, hits them, and starts eating up all the food. Even when Deibu says that Chen took their food, the other yukkuris insist she's lying and beat her up. The Deibus have taken shelter in a neglected, unused hole, but they come home to find that a Myon has taken it over. All the clan little ones surround the little Deibus and poop on them, driving them to the point of Anti-Yukkuritis. Just then, Chief Patchouli appears and tells Reimu that the clan is doing to her what she did to the clan.

For the final part of the punishment, the Deibus are thrown into a hole under a tree and walled in with a half-year's supply of bitter weeds to eat. In the past, no Deibu has ever come back out--when the hole is opened after half a year, only insects emerge. The yukkuris say that normal yukkuris return to the earth when they die, but Deibus turn into flying insects and are never able to take it easy.

The day after the punishment is meted out, the yukkuris express unease about the cruel things the law forced them to do to the Deibus. However, Eiki reminds them that the law was handed down to them generations ago by the legendary Dosu Marisa, and if they change it, they will be unable to take it easy.

Actually, though, the "Dosu" was an Abusive Mister manipulating the clan. Even though Mister has long since lost interest and abandoned the video camera set up to record the clan, the yukkuris will continue living by the Dosu's law until the end of their days.

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