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Ohh, pitiful, pitiful


A Marisa-Reimu couple sees a human giving another couple some sweets to help their starving child, and mutter darkly to themselves how the stupid human should have given it to them instead to help theirs.

They call out to him later, and he wonders if they're another pair asking for charity. They laugh and say that they're strong, so he should give them sweets.
"Ah, I see- that means, you want to die."

He kicks the Marisa so hard she flies halfway across the bridge, then starts beating her up, with Reimu begging him to stop. When he asks Reimu if she wants to take over for Marisa, she hurriedly declines.

As he whacks Marisa around, asking why she could still mouth off in this situation, Marisa finally snaps and apologizes, to which Reimu is shocked, but Marisa snaps back at it, saying it didn't experience any of the pain.

"I don't give a shit about win or lose. Hurry up and try to kill me. If you're not going to do anything, I'll kill you instead."

So saying, he pierces one of Marisa's eyes with his finger. When she asks why he doesn't stop despite her apologizing, he reminds her that she would have said 'I won't forgive you even if you say that! I'll punish you by killing you' or something like that, but when their situations are reversed...? Marisa can't give a reply.

As Marisa suffers, she wonders why things are happening this way. Is it because she's weak? Because humans are uneasy? No, it's probably because she stupidly thought she was the strongest. Losing means losing everything. Thinking that 'I'll just apologize and escape' was naive.

In the end, Marisa bows and pleads with him not to make it die like one of the scum. He realizes that Marisa considers her pride important, and tells her to recall everything she has said until now, pointing out that shouting 'Oi, you' wasn't the right thing to do. In fact, they're more stupid that the other couple now, and that their children would die because of them.

Marisa tries to defend itself, saying that it was a good father. Anon just reminds it that if it was, the children wouldn't be dead. He goes on to compare the previous family against Marisa's, about how they sacrificed their pride to save their child by begging humans, while this family ended up losing their chance because they were stupid.
"You understand, don't you? If you don't want to admit it, I'll just say it for you. You can't do anything, you're useless, and because of your mistake, you led your family to their deaths. You're just a fool."

Then he slowly crushes it to death and drops it into the river. He turns to the Reimu next, kicking it mercilessly despite its apologies and begging for forgiveness.

But Reimu suddenly hears its children crying weakly for help, and quickly offers them up to Anon, saying to spare Reimu only. He doesn't get it initially, but eventually realizes that it is sacrificing its children for itself.

Surprisingly, he accepts, and tells it to get out of his sight. As it starts to leave, it hears some weird sounds, and turns around to see that its children are gone. He has thrown them into the river.

It starts screaming at him, demanding to know why he did that. Anon responds that he was only getting rid of trash. Reimu shouts that the children aren't trash.
"If they're so important, then why did you sell them out to a human?"

He tells it that the only one who thought such trash was cute was it alone, that's why he got rid of them. He also reminds it if it hadn't followed the idiot sinking into the river, things might have turned out differently.

"Mister human...?"
"They're not yours, remember? They were already mine."

Realizing that it has lost everything, Reimu stands there in shock, distantly hearing the other family telling their children to be grateful to mister human for saving it, and their children replying that they want to repay that favor. The parents say that they should help other yukkuri too, and then they dig into their meal.

Finally understanding what its stupidity has wrought, Reimu squirms through the bars and throws itself into the river.

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