One Yukkuri Place

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This story is a two-parter

Part 1

A Marisa is getting henpecked by its Reimu partner. Reimu complains about the food, and hits Marisa for it. There's a short backstory about how Marisa was charmed by Reimu's looks and did all she could to get Reimu as a mate, but her dreams of an easy family was shattered when Reimu showed her true self, and she hasn't been able to take it easy since.

After being chased out, Marisa meets Alice, who is angry after hearing about what happened. She bring Alice to the clan leader Patchouli, and after some questioning, Marisa admits that she doesn't want to make up with Reimu, but to leave her.

The clan is assembled in front of Reimu's nest, and Patchy questions Reimu in front of everyone. Reimu shamelessy admits to everything Marisa has said about her actions, and Patchy casts her out for being a Deibu. Deibu screams at everyone to take it easy forever as they're escorting her out, and Patchy changes her orders, so Deibu takes it easy forever.

Marisa is happy, and declares her home to belong only to Marisa. There's a short description of Deibu's grisly fate as she goes back into her nest to clean.

Outside, Patchouli and some of her retainers have come to talk to Marisa. Due to the initial non-fatality treatment of Deibu against her resistance, quite a few yukkuri are hurt. Also, Patchouli is getting a vague feeling of uneasiness from Marisa's words, and wants to check things out.

Alice enters Marisa's nest and finds the hybrid koyukkuri inside, stopping Marisa from making the koyukkuri take it easy forever. Alice observes that the ko resembles Marisa and Reimu, and even though Marisa denies it, Alice can tell that it's a lie. (Guess it's not a Chinrisa, just a black-haired Marisa with two braids like a Reimu)

Marisa suddenly attacks again, but Patchouli steps in to stop Marisa from crushing the child. Patchouli questions Marisa further.

Continued in anko1692